No Caption Required, Right?

This was on the other side of that "Obey" Kiosk on Newbury Street.
Does anyone else find this ad really bizarre?

Is this ad anywhere else? It's the Window Display for the French Connection UK on Newbury.
Also weirdly appropriate.

I like this because it's like a collage of the Bush Trinity. The Church (reflected by Finance),
Finance itself, and the three anti terrorism cop cars.

This guy's charisma was on full display at this packed LaRouche Rally.

The I-93 Traffic Nightmare. While driving, NPR mentioned that there were only a
handful of cars on the highway to Medford as a result of everyone thinking the roads closed
at four. They actually started closing at four and rolled north. Even the local 11 O'Clock News
commented on it. I was one of those cars! I am famous! Whoo!

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