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We seek to create a supportive, comfortable, luxurious, and welcoming environment that specifically caters to men recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse.

Individual Counselling

Patients are matched with a counsellor prior to treatment but can request a change in counsellors at any time. This is unusual as we strive to match you with the best counsellor for your needs.

Group sessions

Patients are matched with small groups for talk therapy. Guests may request to switch groups at any time. Group therapy provides valuable insight and support from other patients.

Free/recreational time

Take advantage of our massages, gym, saunas, pools, scheduled activities, and more. Guests may also socialise or simply rest during this time. In-patients only.

Treatment Programs For Men


We highly recommend a residential treatment program because it guarantees full-time accountability and care. It is ideal for any patient, but most strongly suggested for men with severe addictions or those who do not have a strong support system at home. Length of stay varies based on a number of different factors and can be personalised based on your needs, and can be changed based on progress. Most patients start as a residential patient and then progress to outpatient treatment.


Outpatient is recommended for men who have just completed our in-patient program or who have a powerful support system at home. You will receive the same services as in-patient residents but can go home in the evenings. Individuals receive many of the same services but can go home at night. Full-Day Treatment generally lasts for eight hours each weekday and includes educational services for family members. Healing is much more effective when the whole family is able to benefit from treatment.

Individual Therapy

Privacy to work on personal, sensitive breakthroughs and barriers. We understand that some topics are too difficult to discuss with a group, no matter how supportive. These issues do not need to be brought up in a group, but still must be addressed. Individual therapy sessions are a safe and more comfortable space to work through confidential matters.

About Us

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We are glad you have taken the first steps towards recovery by visiting our website. Our staff is highly trained, from building maintenance to the medical doctors who work in harmony to conquer addiction in men. At the Male Drug Abuse Treatment and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center, we have our own highly-trained team of professionals who specialize in addiction. Even our cleaning and other support staff are trained in how to assist patients. We have board-certified medical doctors and psychiatrists on staff who can diagnose and prescribe medication.

We want to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. We offer a variety of fun and therapeutic recreational activities and lessons, such as hiking, swimming, cooking, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, basket weaving, and movie nights. Most of our rooms are private suites with their own bathrooms unless a shared double room is recommended or preferred. Confidentiality and comfort are two of our highest priorities at our center, and any special requests to achieve these goals can be arranged.

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