Bringing Honor and Integrity
to the White House

A Catalog of Bush Lies and Scandals
(If you're looking for a complete list of Bush Hypocrisy, try here.)

1. The Plame Leak.

In which someone at the White House, angry at Ambassador Joe Wilson for writing a column for the New York Times that specifically stated that Bush had lied in the State of the Union Address, "leaks" to conservative News Columnist Bob Novak that Joe Wilson's wife is a CIA Agent. She is, specifically, in the arena of weapons of mass destruction.

2. Enron's Involvement With Cheney's Energy Panel.

As well as a host of other things. The panel is the source of tremendous secrecy from Dick Cheney, but the documents of these meetings have so far proven that Bush and Co had already based their energy policy on the idea of a "post war Iraq" (the panel met before 9/11) but also that the entire US Energy Policy was written by Energy Executives, including Enron. See also: Duckgate.

3. The Iraq War
    a. Document Forgery
    b. Pre-9.11.01 Plans to Topple Saddam
    c. Weapons of Mass Destruction
    d. Cited Evidence From Discredited Iraqi Exile
    e. Bush: "We Found The Weapons of Mass Destruction"
    f. New Addition!: Bush Admin Didn't Give UN Inspectors Information on 25 Suspected Weapons Sites

4. Spying on UN Officials

This was actually the British, but it was done at the request of the US, and the evidence was shared with the US.

5. Cover Up of Health Risks Posed by 9/11 Pollution

I don't even know why this happened.

6. Threatened to Fire Medicaid Bill's Cost Analyst if he told congress the cost of Medicaid

This was a classic.

7. Union Of Concerned Scientists

Issued a report about the various ways the Bush Administration has mishandled science in favor of his political agenda. That link is to the whole report as a PDF file. Of particular interest is the subject on page 10, concerning abstinence education.

8. Duckgate

In which Cheney goes duck hunting with a Antonin Scalia, who is a judge on the Cheney Energy Task Force case. At the very least, this presents the "appearance of impropriety", nonetheless, Scalia refuses to step down.

9. New Addition! Bush Releases "All" Military Records that "Prove He Was Present" For National Guard Duty

When Michael Moore called Bush a "deserter" in front of Wesley Clark, and Republicans declared that Clark should distance himself from the charge, some reporters started looking into Bush's Military Records. The controversy blossomed into a full blown story, and eventually the White House was pressured to release records proving Bush's service. They released his "complete" medical records. Except for one, three month period. The matter is pushed by the press until Bush comes out in favor of a Gay Marriage amendment.

10. Block Report Discussing the Effects of Global Warming

Bush and Co asked for several rewrites of an EPA report, and didn't allow it to be published until it omitted any reference to damage done to human health or the environment as a result of Global Warming.

11. White Lies:
    a. Poemgate
    Laura Bush reads a poem supposedly written by GW, turns out it wasn't.

    b. Turkeygate
    Bush staff tells the story of a late night run in between Air Force One and a British Airways Plane that almost sends the mission astray. It never happened.

    c. Bannergate
    Bush lands on an aircraft carrier after the Statue of Saddam falls; it has a huge "Mission Accomplished" banner. As more and more soldiers die after his announcement, Bush Admins claim that Bush didn't ask for the "Mission Accomplished" Banner, but that the crew of the Air Craft Carrier had put it up. They deny it.

    d. Lettermangate
    David Letterman shows a clip of a boy at a Bush speech, standing directly behind Bush, clearly bored out of his mind. CNN airs the clip, and announces that the White House has contacted them to say it was faked. Two seperate anchors discuss a White House Call, finally, CNN says that no one from the White House called them. Letterman claims that a reliable source told him that the White House did, in fact, call CNN.

    e. New Addition! Fort Polkgate
    At the height of the AWOL controversy, Bush goes to a military base in Fort Polk. Scott McLellan, Bush Press Secretary, tells reporters that it was planned long before the AWOL controversy spiked, but base organizers later admit they didn't know about it until a mere two weeks prior to the event.