The Benefits of Auto Financing

November 24, 2008

In today’s world, you have many options available to you to pursue any number of things when it comes to making purchases. You’re probably often given the choice to use cash, debit, credit, check, or more just when you go to the grocery. Beyond the supermarket, however, there’s even more opportunities for buying things, especially when it comes to big-ticket items. Read more

Loans Are Challenging But Not Impossible To Obtain

November 22, 2008

For the past several months all that has really seemed to be covered in the news is the serious economic downturn of the nation and the credit crisis that has come with it. From one news source to the next, the stories may be different but their meaning is the same: credit has been frozen, and loans are incredibly difficult to obtain. Read more

Getting a Good Deal On a Good Loan

November 20, 2008

Loans are something everybody has to deal with at some point or another in their lives. It’s simply plays a large part in the way the America economy operates, and without loans there wouldn’t opportunities to afford homes and vehicles for many people in the nation. It provides an essential method for obtaining property that is crucial to success, and so therefore it really is an option that you need to strongly consider for pursuing your own dreams in life. Read more

Working with Credit and Auto Loans

November 18, 2008

When buying a vehicle, you often have several opportunities to pursue to obtain a vehicle. However, in almost every case, purchasing a new car involves auto financing. Cars are expensive, but they’re necessary for modern lifestyles and gainful employment. That’s why you have the possibility of obtaining a car after acquiring the assistance of an auto loan. But just like any other loan, you have to pay it back, and the amount you’ll owe will ultimately depend on your credit, among other things. Read more

Government Set To Bail Out Major US Automakers

November 16, 2008

A plan is in the works by the Bush administration and the US Treasury to expand the scope of the $700 billion rescue plan to include US automakers. According the legislation that authorized the bailout, the top three American car companies are eligible for financial assistance.

The move is a bold one, and according to some analysts, it would put the Treasury in a new position as a speculator on whether businesses will succeed or fail in the markets, making choices in either regard. This would fundamentally change the original intent of the bailout plan as a means to free up the credit markets. Read more

GMAC Cuts Auto Loans And Leases

November 14, 2008

GMAC Financial Services has announced its plans to tighten its lending standards in Europe. This would make it more difficult for some consumers to get loans to buy cars and trucks.

As soon as November, GMAC, General Motors’ financial agency will halt its auto loan and leasing programs in about seven European countries. This latest measure comes just after GMAC revised its lending standards in the United States. Read more

Car Loans Still Available Through Dealers

November 10, 2008

It seems as though everything from higher gas prices to the mortgage crisis are being blamed for the declines in auto sales, yet according to some car dealers there may be another reason for the decline, one of perception. Read more

US Markets Fear Damaging Deflation

November 9, 2008

With the threat of spiraling commodity prices, the Federal Reserve remains vigilant to protect the US economy and prevent the inflation rates from dropping below zero. The real factor in any preventative measures is the risk of serious deflation and its damaging consequences to the economy.

The Federal Reserve has had its hands full providing different ways to mitigate the effects of the credit crisis. Interest rates have been lowered to 1.5%. Over $1 trillion has been injected into the US financial markets. These actions have literally doubled the Fed’s balance sheet and US currency is on the rise. Read more

The Pros and Cons of Borrowing Credit

November 7, 2008

It can be difficult to start off a credit score. When you have no credit, that’s sometimes worse than having bad credit! Of course, nothing beats bankruptcy in terms of credit terror, but an empty credit file is definitely not good when it comes to your chances at obtaining loans or anything else that depends on this measure of your financial reputation. Read more

Strict Auto Loans Beget Great Car Deals

November 6, 2008

Because of the credit crunch, it’s much harder than it was in previous years to obtain a loan. In fact, for the majority of this century, you could easily apply for a mortgage or car financing without having a substantial down payment or good credit. That has all changed recently though, what with the collapse of the mortgage industry and the ailing woes of the banks that have lost severe amounts of capital because of it. Read more

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