Auto Loan Providers are Being Stressed

September 30, 2008

Perhaps the sector with the most financial trouble in America right now is the domestic automotive industry. Currently, the big three top vehicle manufacturers are facing their biggest struggle and a looming bankruptcy as they’re challenged by economic shifts that has devastated their income. An over-reliance on enormous gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs have put them in dire straights in a world where gas is reaching $5 dollars a gallon and a more globally conscious population is choosing fuel-efficient, economical vehicles. Read more

Cheaper Gas Won’t Necessarily Save You Money

September 25, 2008

One of the biggest concerns facing the nation is the cost of gas. Even if the rest of the economy improves its pace and develops a stronger positive drive, the vast majority of people feel that the prices of gas from even a couple of years ago will remain just a memory at this point. While this may be true, the fact is that the cost of gas has been dropping somewhat recently, spurring some confidence in people who hope that the prices will continue to slowly diminish or at least stabilize for the upcoming years. Read more

What Not To Do When You Finance Your Vehicle

September 23, 2008

Buying a car: one hears that it is every American’s dream. More importantly, unless you in one of the few cities in the US that offer decent public transportation, it is a necessity for every American.

Then, if you are buying a car, you’d better buy a new one, or one that’s just a few years old. Cars are built to become obsolete within 10-15 years, which is why the really old cars lose their value at an exponential (rather than linear) rate. Unfortunately, buying a new car all at once can put a strain on a young family’s finances. Read more

Delve Into The Mystery of Auto Loans

September 20, 2008

Contemplating auto loan rates can feel like walking through a fog-covered moor, where vapors provide a deceptively uniform covering over the earth, and the real “lay of the land” is far from apparent. What determines the interest rate on auto loans? What can you do to qualify for the auto loans with the lowest rates? The answer is occluded, shrouded in fog. Read more

How To Deal With Car Dealers

September 14, 2008

Buying a car isn’t like shopping for clothes or shoes at the local department store. For most people, the process is more than just seeing the car they want, paying the money up front and driving away. Too much is at stake for that: too much money, too much of their lives. The process of has its own system of subtle rules, which the automobile dealer is skilled in exploiting for his or her own gain. To get the best price on the car you want, to avoid being taken advantage of, you must become versed in these rules. Read more

The Vagaries of Leasing Your Vehicle In Today’s Economy

September 12, 2008

In the old days, leasing a car was a viable alternative to buying one. Ever since the Ford Motor Corporation instituted the policy of “planned obsolescence,” cars have been designed to go out of date fast, often losing their value and utility after as little as 10 years. If you were in the habit of buying a new car ever six years, or always wanted to always driving the latest model, leasing was a sensible option. If you liked the car, you could renew your lease after the initial time period specified in your lease’s term expired.

Recently, leasing a car, instead of buying has gotten harder, and less financially advantageous. These days, leasing a vehicle is really only a good idea if you’re absolutely certain you don’t intend to drive that vehicle for more than a few years. Read more

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