Making An Auto Loan Count

August 27, 2008

Buying a car in America often comes with the necessity of having to procure a loan first. In most cases, purchasing a new or even used vehicle will go beyond the amount of money any particular individual possesses at the given time, and as such, that person will have to turn to acquiring the proper loan before the car can be purchased. Read more

Car Insurance Prices On The Rise, Survey Says

August 22, 2008

The price of auto insurance has been growing throughout 2008, says an survey whose results were released today., the biggest Internet-based provider of automobile insurance in the USA, publishes its findings regarding the state of auto insurance in America every fiscal quarter in its quarterly Car Insurance Rate Report. Read more

High Gas Prices Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

August 20, 2008

It can be said without a doubt that if there is one thing that defines the economic woes of America at the moment, then it is the rising costs of gas at the pump. More and more citizens are hurting financially due to the excessive strain put on their wallets when having to pay for the expense of traveling in their vehicles, and many are looking to their respective politicians for changes that can help reduce the costs. Read more

Auto Sales Continue To Plunge

August 18, 2008

Although the mortgage industry has been leading the turmoil in this country regarding the slumping economy, the automotive industry has been in a close second, with plenty of jobs being eliminated on a monthly basis, contributing to the general financial strife that Americans continue to face throughout 2008.

This is directly the result of the hardships that retailers and dealerships have been facing in the past year, with sales continuing to drop for automobiles overall, but the vehicles getting hit the hardest so happen to be the largest, more powerful, and least fuel efficient types available: trucks and SUVs. Read more

Auto Financing Tips

August 16, 2008

If the purchase of a new vehicle is on your mind, you are probably stopping by the dealerships in your area to look at their stock of car, truck, and SUV models. Maybe you have already taken a few of them for a test drive and now you are trying to find a method of financing for this big purchase you want to make. It may be possible to obtain auto financing through the auto dealership and their partnership with a credit agency. You may also have the option of financing your new vehicle through a credit union or a banking institution. You need to do a little comparison shopping with the credit union, the bank, and the other various credit agencies and financing institutions to find the best deal on auto loans. Read more

New Jersey Auto Insurer Speeds Claims Reporting Via Internet

August 15, 2008

The IFA Insurance Company, one the most important auto insurance providers in the state of New Jersey, has unveiled a new, more efficient system of processing customers’ claims earlier today. The company has recently effected several major upgrades to both the front and back-ends of its claims-processing web application, which is used by both agents and customers. Read more

These Types Of Lemons Can Not Be Made Into Lemonade

August 15, 2008

Buying a lemon happens to the best and the savviest of car buyers so there is really nothing to be ashamed about. The only real irritation comes when trying to get money back for the purchase.

For a car to be a lemon the vehicle there must be a defect that compromises the vehicle’s safety, value, or use. A faulty CD player does not make the car a lemon, but faulty brakes do. Along with this the duration that the car spends in the shop is also taken into consideration when determining if the car is indeed a lemon. Read more

Solar Powered Toyota To Hit The Market

August 9, 2008

The Toyota Motor Corp is working on a new plan to install solar panels on it’s most popular hybrid model; The Prius. The Prius hybrids are in high demand lately due to the concern of high gas prices coupled together with the need to go green.

The Prius hybrid was first introduced to the market in Japan during the late 1990s and then worldwide in 2000. Since this time the response to the gasoline and electric cars have been tremendous and Toyota is having a difficult time keeping up with orders. Read more

Is a Secured Auto Loan for You?

August 8, 2008

Anytime you want to purchase a car, it is always better to get an auto loan instead of having the car financed, as it usually turns out to be cheaper in the long run. You can get a loan for any type of car, whether it is old or new, but you cannot finance just any car. Generally, a car eligible for financing must be a fairly late model.

Many people have never heard of a secured auto loan, but it is becoming more and more popular as one of the best and most affordable ways to pay for a new car. A secured auto loan is a good choice for everyone, but especially those with bad credit, or even no credit at all. Read more

High Gas Prices Could Drive Down Auto Insurance Rates

August 5, 2008

Americans have been hurting financially for awhile now, and this fact hasn’t been more emphasized than in 2008. With a rapidly inflating dollar driving up the costs of food and other consumables, and a growing global demand for oil, the cost of living have shot way up for the average U.S citizen.

Gas at the pumps has reached $4 a gallon as of July 2008, and this has made it difficult for most people to drive as frequently as they used to. Having to pay more at the pump means people are driving more conservatively and spending less time on the road. While this may have its negative implications, there is a strong positive factor to these circumstances that may very well benefit drivers in the future. Read more

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